Red Planet Auto DetailWhy is Auto Appearance Maintenance Important?

Auto appearance maintenance is as important to your vehicles’ looks and value as mechanical maintenance is to its performance. It’s called preventative maintenance and should be an ongoing process to keep your vehicle looking new.

Our Florida environment presents the harshest conditions in which an automobile can exist. Intense UV rays, humidity, and proximity to salt water and sand will cause unprotected paint, clear coat, leather, and carpet to deteriorate at an accelerated rate.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing appearance maintenance program or trying to address specific problems to bring your vehicle back to sell, Panama City Red Planet Auto Reconditioning has the experience to address your vehicles’ needs.

Reconditioning can range from a simple Auto Detail to Interior and Exterior repairs. Click through our specific pages to find the area which best describes your Vehicles problems and see what we can do for you.

You are invited to call or bring your vehicle to our Transmitter location for a no obligation evaluation inspection and quote. Our repair technicians will inspect your vehicle with you and evaluate the repair options available. If your situation is above our skill set, we will refer you to another business that might be better suited to solve your appearance needs.